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Appointment Setting for Small Businesses

Online Appointment Scheduling for Small Businesses

Grow your retail sales by expanding and deepening the customer experience with your business. Statistics show that consumers frequently browse online before they enter a store to make a purchase, and consumers value the expert knowledge and assistance that sales reps can provide in helping them make decisions. By offering 1-to-1, personalized shopping consultation appointments that can be booked online by customers, you will set your retail business apart from the competition. Furthermore, retail sales reps will have the opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell products and services to customers which will result in an increase in revenues for your business.

Boost your customer base and sales by offering online appointment scheduling for retail sales reps on your team. This added benefit from your store offers value to both your consumers and your team. Prospective shoppers and current customers will feel empowered to self-schedule appointments, at their convenience – any time of the day or night, by simply using their mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC to do so. 

Benefits of Online Appointment Scheduling for Small Business

  • Build Customer Loyalty & Brand Ambassadors – By allowing customers to self-schedule appointments online and offering personalized shopping experiences and meetings with your store’s retail sales reps, you are establishing the foundation for repeat customers who may become brand ambassadors as well.
  • Maximize Sales – Customers who receive great customer service and personalized services tend to make higher-value purchases, positive respond to upsell suggestions from retail sales reps, and become repeat customers. 
  • Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs – Consumers are online frequently so it would make business sense for you to offer online appointment scheduling to turn browsers into customers. With AppointmentCare online scheduling software, you actually can reduce acquisition cost of new customers and increase revenue opportunities because the customers are choosing to come to you.
  • Increase sales with more appointments and experience higher appointment volume when you offer online scheduling.

Features With Benefits For Your Business

Built with small business owners, teams, solopreneurs, and freelancers in mind,  our AppointmentCare online scheduling software is packed with features that bring direct value to your business.

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