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Online Appointment Scheduling for Sales Teams

If your business has an inside sales team or outdoor sales team, then you need an efficient way to help them manage their appointments in an effort to reach their sales goals. With AppointmentCare, customers can easily request and schedule appointments for demos, consultations, or sales meetings with a member of your sales team — done simply with a few clicks of a mouse (or their finger on a mobile phone).

Additionally, if you have incoming lead phone calls that come into your office, your sales manager can quickly enter and schedule appointments right in AppointmentCare and assign the appointment to a sales rep. Both the sales rep and the customer will receive an automatic notification of the scheduled appointment. Members of your sales team that do prospecting calls over the phone or in person can also leverage AppointmentCare by simply emailing the prospect a link to your website where the AppointmentCare scheduling widget is located or to your company’s Business Booking Profile page that is included with your AppointmentCare account.

Help your sales team reclaim their time as they pursue their sales goals by providing them AppointmnetCare – the easiest online appointment scheduling software.

Benefits of Online Appointment Scheduling for Sales Teams

  • Accept Appointments 24 Hours / 7 Days – Don’t limit your sales team by only allowing them to take appointment request during business hours. With online appointment scheduling, new and existing customers can self-schedule appointments after normal business hours or at any time that suits them.
  • Save Time & Save Money – Remove the frustration of trying to contact a lead via back and forth emails and phone calls just to get an appointment on the books. Let your sales team send customers a link to where they can view the sales rep’s calendar availability and self-schedule an appointment online. This way, your sales team can focus on doing presentations and demos to close deals instead of wasting precious time with email ping-pong. 
  • Increase Appointment Completions & Reduce No-Shows  – If you make online appointment scheduling available for your sales teams and for your customers, your no-show rate will decrease as people tend to show up more for appointments that they are requesting. With automated appointment reminders, if a customer needs to reschedule an appointment, they can do that easily online. This helps to prevent a time being wasted with a no-show and frees up the sales rep’s calendar to take a replacement appointment.

Features With Benefits For Your Business

Built with small business owners, teams, solopreneurs, and freelancers in mind,  our AppointmentCare online scheduling software is packed with features that bring direct value to your business.

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Appointment Scheduling
Automatic Reminders
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Website Integration
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