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Strengthen Your Law Firm with Online Appointment Scheduling

Whether you a solo attorney or a lawyer at a law firm, AppointmentCare can provide you an invaluable service to new and existing clients in regards to arranging face-to-face meetings or telemeetings with you to discuss legal matters.

Clients will be able to schedule initial consultations with your law firm, as well as follow-up meetings that are needed to discuss with you for your legal advice. Easily accessible from any web browser, at any time of the day, customers will be able to book appointments online through your website or on your Business Booking profile page that comes with your AppointmentCare account. The best part is that you can easily see and track your firm’s calendar of appointments, the top services being requested, and which lawyers are being requested the most for appointments — all from one centralized place available at your fingertips.

Benefits of Online Appointment Scheduling for Law Firms

  • Ensure Coverage By Your Legal Team – With an at-a-glance view available to view from any device, you and your team of lawyers can see all of the appointments for the day, which is essential to making sure that all of your legal clients have their selected attorney (or another attorney in the firm) available for their scheduled meeting.
  • Reduce No-Shows & Schedule Conflicts – Automated reminders via email and SMS text messages to both the client and the lawyers on your team helps to increase successful completion of meetings. 
  • Track Your Law Firm’s Growth – You can track the overall progress of scheduled new client consultation, and other types of meetings for legal services, which will help you to monitor and manage your law firm with actual data versus assumptions. People are online all times of day & night looking for attorneys to help with a legal matter. – Make sure they can find you by offering 24/7 online appointment booking for your law firm.
  • Improve Client Communication – The life of a lawyer can change in an instant as new develops are happening with clients cases on a daily basis. If you (or the client) have a need to reschedule a client appointment, it’s very easy to so in AppointmentCare and updated notifications will be sent for the new date & time of the appointment.

Features With Benefits For Your Business

Built with small business owners, teams, solopreneurs, and freelancers in mind,  our AppointmentCare online scheduling software is packed with features that bring direct value to your business.

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