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Appointment buffer time is an option to be added to services provided. It provides extra time at the end of a service to clean up or prepare for the next appointment. For example, if you have a 60 minute service and it takes 15 minutes to clean up, this service would block off 75 minutes in your calendar.

This is automatic every time that type of service is booked. It is transparent to your customers and only seen by your staff. This helps to set realistic expectations for your customers of how much time a service takes. It can even be used for expected delays throughout the day. If you know that no matter how hard your staff tries appointments always back up adding the buffer can let them stay on track and reduce the number of customers that get discouraged while waiting for their appointment.

Benefits of Appointment Buffer Time

  • More On-Time Appointments – Having this time after an appointment will help keep you on schedule throughout the day. Whether it is cleaning up after one appointment or preparing for the next you will be ready for each and every customer.
  • Happier Customers – Some scheduling software tools don’t have a buffer time. This means that a if you have a 60 minute service and need 15 minutes to clean up you either need to offer 75 minute service or 60 minutes. If you go with 60 minutes you won’t have time to get ready between customers. If you offer 75 minutes you will no doubt have customers that will realize that they were booked for 75 minutes and expect your staff to assist them for that full time. Having this Appointment Buffer Time.

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