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This is a demo account that has been created to show an example of how you can easily customize your AppointmentCare site. It took only 5 minutes to create everything you see here. While the example we used is a dog groomer, AppointmentCare is used by all kinds of businesses, such as salons, spas, massage therapists, real estate agents, doctors, and many others. Above, you can showcase your business by uploading any photo you'd like; a high-quality image will make your page look awesome. This is the section where you can write general information for your new web visitors and existing customers.

Payment Policy

You can use this Payment Options section to explain how your customers can pay for your services. For example, do you accept both credit cards and cash?

Cancellation Policy

Here, you can write your cancellation policy. Many of our users do things like require cancellations to be made 24 hours before the appointment time in order to avoid a fee. In your account you will also see a sections for other policies . Since we've left it blank in the demo account, it is not displayed here.


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